Raw Sweet Potato Salad

3c. Shredded Sweet Potato
3T. Fresh Lime Juice
4T. Coconut oil
3-4 scallions
t.t. Salt
As much cilantro as you like

Make sure all ingredients are at room-temp. if the sweet potato is from out of the refrigerator it will cause the salad to solidify when the coconut oil is added. Peal large sweet potato then wash under cool water. Great on the large holes of a box-greater. This can also be done with a food processor, it depends on what you feel like washing. Juice 2 limes buy cutting them parallel with and BESIDE the axis. This will yield a lot more juice. Make sure your coconut oil is liquid. This is done by heating it above 80 degrees. Slice your scallions and mix all ingredients together, and season to taste.
This recipe can be modified by the addition of toasted sesame seed oil instead of coconut oil. Or the addition of cherry tomatoes.




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