Drop Me A Line

If you have a question this is the best place to put it, if I have not talked about the topic you would like to talk about.

10 comments on “Drop Me A Line

  1. Denise Gamache says:

    I wanted to thank you for speaking to our Mops group this week. I found your talk to be very informative.

  2. Chef Don,

    What is the difference between “filet mignon” of beef and “top sirloin”?

    And, is it true that “filet mignon” is a dish, not a cut of meat, but it’s just made with the “tenderloin” which is a cut of meat?

    Thanks šŸ™‚

    • Top Sirloin is also known as New York Strip. In a porterhouse it is the stake that runs the full length of the bone. Now the difference between a porterhouse and a t-bone stake is the size of the filet mignon. As soon as the filet measures less than 2.5 inches on the bone it is considered a t-bone. This is one of the reasons you do not want to buy stakes that comes wrapped on a tray. Even when dealing with butchers/meat cutters always have them show you the other side.

  3. Wendy says:

    Success in the Duval household! Don’t know if Rainbow Chard & Acorn Squash are meant to be on the same plate, but it worked. Both kids and the hubby ate their vegetables. Thanks for encouraging us to continue trying new foods.
    Do you have any whole juice recipes? My Blendtec needs to be used for something other than smoothies and ice cream!

  4. Jen Mitchell says:

    What was that recipe with the raw shredded sweet potato and coconut oil again?

  5. Thanks for the steak info, Chef Don. BTW, I have another question

    Do you know of any pasta brands sold in health food stores that have no high glycemic ingredients (like grains) in them? It seems that most of the “spinach” spaghetti, and such, that I can find; all have a certain amount of wheat in them. Do you know of any 100% grain-free pastas?

  6. Thanks, Don. Looks exactly like what I was looking for šŸ™‚

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