The Kumquat

I love kumquats. Some are bitter, some are sour, and some are sweet. They are little orange jewels that can pack a real punch when added to a dish. Alas, people often approach this fruit with fear and trembling because of the bitter and sour characteristics. But there is a trick to this fruit. Usually the more bitter and sour the inside, the sweeter the rind is. This brings to mind the people who tell me that they do not like kumquats because of all the hard work peeling the little buggers. I have to break it to them that the peel is the part that you eat. The look of perplexity that I receive is worth the next two minutes I have to spend trying to convince them I’m telling the truth: “No, really! With this one you eat the skin.”

So what do you do with a kumquat?  With this fruit you have a blossom end and a stem end; cut off the stem end and keep the blossom end to work with. A good guesstimate of how much to cut off would be around a quarter inch, or a little more than the diameter of a pencil. Next comes the tricky part. You know that motion you make with your fingers that symbolizes money? That is what you are going to do to your kumquat. Roll it between your fingers and add enough pressure that you think it is going to just fall apart in your hands. Once all the juice is out start pinching the blossom end and you will feel the pithy inside slowly loosen.  Then you just pinch out the guts. Now you have a hollow kumquat. I love to stuff my kumquats with chocolate of some sort, but that is cliché.  

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